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Published 12 Nov, 2015

Cyprus ... with its rich history, culture and just simply an amazing island located in the Mediterranean Sea, not just attracts admirers to relax on the beach, but also many curious tourists from around the world. Closest to the coast of Cyprus Turkey and Egypt are located - that creates the impression that the coastline of the island is surrounded by countries. And the location reflects with the historical past of Cyprus - for centuries between different nations there was war for the right to possess it. Today, most of the territory belongs to the Republic of Cyprus, and about 40% of the territory belongs to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which, however, recognized only by Turkey, and a pair of friendly countries. Cyprus - is not only a resort with excellent beaches, but, first and foremost, a country of enchanting natural beauty and a wide variety of landscapes.


The landscape of the island is diverse and varies greatly from north to south. Thus, the northern part of Cyprus is characterized by its rocky mountains and canyons, and while the south coast is famous for its endless sandy beaches. With the mountains offering magnificent views: the picturesque bright green valleys, emerald forests and vineyards on the slopes of the mountains, the city's neighborhoods, descending terraces to small coves, wild rock canyons, winding coast of fast mountain rivers. The island has a lot of mountains - the most famous mountain range is the Troodos, which is located in the south-west. The area is mostly covered by pine forest, but quite often you can find oak, cypress and cedar. Troodos is known to everyone thanks to Greek mythology as a place where famous Mount Olympus is located. The height of the mountain is almost 2000 meters above sea level.

вершина троодос

One of the main natural resources of the island - the famous Cypriot forests. In ancient times, the whole of Cyprus was covered with forests. Ships built of Cyprus pine and cedar, considered the best in the Mediterranean. Now forests grow mainly on the slopes of the mountains and framed by a narrow strip of coastline. There are several species of pines, oaks, rare strawberry trees, giant cacti, several kinds of cypress, juniper, sycamore, alder and cedar.

There is flat areas with  fertile soil on the  island that provides local people with rich harvest. These areas include located between two mountain ranges Mesaoori Valley and Morphou in the west of the island. In general, the fertile land is occupied on half of the total area of Cyprus. Lemons, tangerines and oranges are growing everywhere. The harvest is collected several times a year. In autumn ripen apples, pears, plums, apricots, peaches, figs, grapes, olives. In early spring, pick vegetables. In the summer ripening watermelons, melons and bananas. In winter, there is picking of oranges, grapefruits, almonds and vegetables.

Pleasant moment during the vacation on the island is its exceptional environment. The government is very serious about it because the main source of income of the republic is tourism. Many of the island's beaches carry honorable blue flag (The Blue Flag), is assigned to the cleanest and safest beaches - in 2012  56 beaches received this high mark, of which three belong to the district of Larnaca.


The climate of the island is very nice and pleasant to its residents and visitors all year-round. Sultry summer is quite the opposite of mild and moderate winter. Clear lakes and rivers, crystal-clear mountain air, green valleys and picturesque mountains with colorful areas - all are reminiscent of a paradise on earth. In Cyprus, it is almost always sunny - from April to September, the sun warms the earth 11 hours a day. Spring begins in February - this time the valley bloom with greenery and flowers, and the air filled with the scent of jasmine and citrus. Summer on the island is hot, but the air is quite dry, that makes the heat relatively easy. But in the fall, which really comes in October, the rainy season usually begins. During this period, Cyprus begins to bloom with carnations, hyacinths and cyclamens.

климат кипра

Winter is perfect for those who do not tolerate hot weather - the average temperature in this period usually ranges between + 15 ° C. Of course, the weather is very different and bright sunny days can easily be replaced by rainy and gloomy weather. However, it should be noted that in spite of the winter, tourists usually not able to see the snow - only on the distant peaks of the Troodos covered in white hat this time of the year, and this time does not remain without attention of fans of extreme sports. By the way, in the winter you can still swim in the sea - its temperature is about 17 - 18 ° C, but this does not stop many of our compatriots who want to spend their vacation away from the snow and frost.


Holidays in Cyprus

You can say a lot about the sights of Cyprus, as everything exhales antiquity. However, the modern republic's authorities took care of the activities so that tourists have always somewhere to relax and have fun.

Active guests can go for horse ride, to participate in all kinds of water sports and even go fishing. Also, there is everything ready for golf, squash, tennis and volleyball. In Cyprus, you can learn to sail a yacht, and even rent a boat. And fans of excursions have plenty of ship tours to choose from, for example, here you can go to Egypt or Israel.

отдых на кипре

Of course, during holidays in Cyprus, it is impossible not to try the local cuisine. Restaurants, cafes and bars in the resort cities are located on every corner. It should be noted that the Cypriot cuisine is often compared to Caucasian. Also it has been influenced by English, Turkish, Greek, Armenian and even Arabic traditions. From the variety of meat and vegetable dishes tourists just scatter their eyes. As a dessert worth trying is Cyprus honey kaydaf (sweet vermicelli) and baklavas (pastries with nuts and honey).

You cannot be here without shopping. Cyprus produces good shoes, leather goods and clothing. The island is also famous for its wines. Go through the city, which remembers the Byzantine era, inhale the fragrant air, look at the street dancers and musicians - what could be better than this vacation? Cyprus – is a  fairy tale for tourists