Cyprus sightseeing

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Published 12 Nov, 2015

Cyprus – that is enchanting scenery, endless sun and the stunning Mediterranean beaches, that is the history, legends and a huge museum under the sky. In Cyprus, as nowhere else you can get in touch with the history: prehistoric settlement of the Neolithic period and the classic beauty of Greek temples, romans pagan theaters and early Christian monasteries, Byzantine churches, embellished with icons and frescoes, Frances’s abbeys and castles, Gothic cathedrals, reminiscent of the glory of the Crusaders, and Venetian walls surrounding them. Cyprus "regulars" - travelers from Britain, Germany and the CIS, and the number of Russian speaking tourists is about 1.5 million people every year. As a rule, they are mainly staying in three main resort areas: Limassol, Larnaca and Ayia Napa.

Cyprus beaches are also considered by the recognition of the European Commission, as one of the best. Fans of nightlife can also find something in every corner of the island of Aphrodite, from Agia Napa in the east to the west of the island of Paphos. Pubs and bars, where all activities start are open to visitors until two o'clock in the night, clubs and discotheques are waiting for guests up to 4 in the morning, restaurants in Cyprus are open until 23:00. Limassol is the most cheerful city of Cyprus. Cypriots are very fond of all sorts of festivals, and the most colorful of them is the wine festival dedicated to Dionysus.


Larnaca - quiet and sentimental. A popular place for rest and walks here – is the esplanade, where you can sit in a cozy little restaurant, enjoying the sea view. One of the main attractions of Larnaca - Saint Lazarus Church, the Christian shrine. The church was built in the IX century on the site of the tomb of Lazarus, who was bishop of Kition (Larnaca) for many years. The church contains some of his relics.

Beaches in Larnaca have gray-yellow sand or small gray pebbles, sometimes mixed with sand and shell. The sea is shallow, perfect for families with children. That is where our Larnaka Bay Resort is located in the bay of Larnaka Bay.

Apart from vacation on the beach in Larnaca many other activities can be found. For example, you can see the ruins of the ancient city, with the fragments of not only Christian churches, built at the dawn of our era, but the remains of five temples of the ancient Greek gods. Also in town is the ancient church of the Byzantine era, Panagia Angeloktisti, according to legend, built by the angels. If you decide to look inside, do not forget to look at stored there unique fresco depicting the Virgin Mary, created in IV century.



Larnaca has been a long time under the Turkish yoke, which had a definite imprint on architectural appearance. The city is surrounded by massive fortification, and next to it on the remaining’s of a Christian church the Al Kebir mosque was erected, that operates to this day. Tourists are allowed there, who are attracted by the beautiful panoramic view from the minaret. On the outskirts of the city there is another mosque - Tekke Hala Sultan, one of the most important shrines of the Muslim world. It is located on the shores of wonderful Salt Lake, where pink flamingoes spend winter.

And just a few kilometers from Larnaca is the oldest monastery Stavrovouni with has unique full of tragic events history. Local monks are securely hidden from the madding crowd, and access of tourists here is strictly forbidden, but admire monastery even from the distance will be also very interesting.

In a small authentic village of Lefkara they still produce unique handmade lace. At the time, the art of this village captivated even the genius Leonardo Da Vinci. Also, there are potteries. Cyprus is famous because of this crafts for many centuries, so that should not be difficult to find the best place to buy souvenirs.

If any other city it is some square is usually the main place, in Larnaca, a favorite place of tourists and locals is picturesque Phinikoudes promenade or the palm trees promenade. You can leisurely walk in the shadow of the slender rows of tropical trees and enjoy the sea view. Also on the waterfront there are a huge number of bars, cozy taverns and chic restaurants. One of the favorite places of the residents of Larnaca has long been a tradition of visiting the fish taverns. Larnaca is considered to have best and most delicious fish taverns. They serve the national Cypriot cuisine and also marvelously cooked fresh seafood brought by the fishermen from the morning catch. In the tavern they will offer to serve you with fish meze, which will present the various marine treats.

Diving enthusiasts can take a tour to the sunken boats near the coast of the resort.